“oh! isto é tão contemporâneo”

Eight Lessons on Emptiness with a Happy End

The five-channel video installation was inspired by the artist’s
experience during her first visit to Laos, which left her with a dual
impression: during the Buddhist celebration that was taking place,
not far from the place of ceremony, children were playing with
lifelike toy guns, just like it is done in Hollywood movies.
In the eight lessons of the video installation, the artist and some
Laotian children wearing soldier uniforms and Chinese toy weapons
act out the typical scenes of war as seen in films and video games
(negotiatios, combat and executions), while in the opening frames,
the untouched nature of Laos, the island, the Spirit tree and the
waterfall appear, and then once again reappear - with an altered
meaning - in the concluding shots of the film. The story ends with
the burning of the toy weapons.
The photo series is entitled “The Family”. The frontally composed
photos - which depict “child soldiers” and, in places, the artist
herself - overturn the representational logic of war photography.
(@ Mélycsarnok | Kunsthalle | Budapest) (02.23 - 04.22 | 2012)

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