"oh! isto é tão contemporâneo"

7000 OAKS (7000 EICHEN - 1982/1987)

In 1982 he was invited to create a work
for Documenta 7. He delivered a large pile
of basalt stones. From above one could see
that the pile of stones was a large arrow
pointing to a single oak tree that he had planted.
He announced that the stones should not be moved
unless an oak tree was planted in the new location
of the stone. 7,000 oak trees were then planted
in Kassel, Germany. This project exemplified
the idea that a social sculpture was defined
as interdisciplinary and participatory.
Beuys's wanted to effect environmental
and social change through this project.
The Dia Art Foundation continues his project still
and has planted more trees and paired them with
basalt stones too.

Beuys said that:

My point with these seven thousand trees was that
each would be a monument, consisting of a living part,
the live tree, changing all the time, and a crystalline mass,
maintaining its shape, size, and weight. This stone
can be transformed only by taking from it,
when a piece splinters off, say, never by growing.
By placing these two objects side by side,
the proportionality of the monument's two parts
will never be the same.

(#3: Joseph Beuys, 7000 Oaks. West 22nd Street
between 10th and 11th Av. - NYC.)

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